Rails, Capistrano, Dreamhost All-In-One Guide

Hi all, I wrote this post in english because I think a lot of people will look at it.
Dreamhost is a very good web hosting company, that support Ruby On Rails application through Apache FastCGI module.
I choosed Dreamhost because the good reviews I see everywere, and I’m pretty happy to have it done. They offer a LOT of disk space, terabytes of monthly bandwidth, unlimited databases and unlimited subdomains, ssh login, svn repository, all that you will need. Truly!
So I wanted to deploy two Rails application I’m working on, in two subdomains, using the “automagic” Capistrano way of deploying.
When I setup Capistrano for the first time, it was version 1.X and I found all the info I need on Dreamhost Wiki and Rails manual, and it worked like a charm.
But the new application I wrote has been “capified” with Capistrano 2.0 (current release) and some little difference in configuration has getting me mad… Because of this I’m writing this little document, for helping other people and even for helping my memory 😀
So give this guide a look, I think it is very interesting!
It comprehends ssh password free login, svn repository, capistrano and ruby on rails!
And if you want to signup an account to Dreamhost now you can get a 50% discount by entering this DREAMHOST PROMO CODE: DVWV50

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Thank you for your help and thank you also for writing it in English. It has been difficult to find good step-by-step instructions like yours.

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