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Denon CEOL – Upgraded

Hi folks! I’ve been a little busy these days, so I did’nt wrote anything more on my brand new Denon CEOL System.
Now, it’s review time again!

Right in this moment I’m upgrading the system with Airplay functions, which was my big interest when I bought it. When done I will talk about.
The system, sonically talkin’, is brilliant. For me it’s a pleasure, in term of quality, precision and response. I have the matching Denon white speakers, and I’m quite satisfied. I’m not an audiophile, but some friends of mine are, and they was very impressed for the quality.
In this first month, I found the software a little slow: changing to internet radio mode take more than 30 secons, as connecting the iPhone or iPod in the dock before being ready to play.  Thus, I think that the first software update, has already improved the software.

Now I’m waiting when downloading the Airplay upgrade, while listen to the tuner. In Italy and Napster are not ready, so I did’nt checked how they works on CEOL. I want to try by adding an open proxy…

It’s ten minutes now. It seems that the CEOL have installed the upgrade, but it needs to set up the network again… OK, it works!
Please, pay attention… the iTunes volume controls the CEOL volume… I had set it to the maximum… BAAAAAAMMMM!
Now I try with the iPhone… The iTunes is streaming, while I try to do the same with iPhone. iTunes wins, the iPhone is streaming but no sound off. No notification of conflict… I’ll tell it to Steve J.


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In this moment i’m very confused about a good choice. I need only two choices: Marantz mcr 603 or Denon CEOL.
Denon, for classic, vocal and acoustic music is fine option and it work well with airplay?
Thanks a lot for help.

I just bought this beautiful Denon Ceol, but i’m not able to use the Internet Radio.
Do i need the airplay?
And what about the music on my computer, i need the airplay as well?
If you can help me, for the radio, it will be so great.
Thanks in advance and let’s the music play, said Barry.

Hi Ben!
for internet radio you don’t need airplay!
Airplay is intended to stream music from itunes on your PC/mac/ipod… to the receiver.
Internet radio is enabled by default on the CEOL, you only need to plug the ethernet (or configure the wireless link).
in addition, you can enter your favorite radio station in the website, and find your choices on the CEOL Menu.
in the printed guide there is plenty of information about it, but if you can’t figure it out, feel free to ask! =)
bye Dave

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