Slickr Plugin 0.6 patch

I just installed slickr wordpress plugin, on two sites of mine. One of the two is this one, and the plugin worked like a charm.
on the other, it appeared a strange warning
Warning: Missing argument 1 for HTTP_Request::HTTP_Request(), called in /**removed**/plugins/slickr-gallery/slickr/phpFlickr/phpFlickr.php on line 91 and defined in /usr/local/web13/php-5.2.4/lib/pear/HTTP/Request.php on line 183, also seen on others websites.
so I just edited phpFlickr.php by substituting line 91 and 92

$this->req =& new HTTP_Request();


$this->req =& new HTTP_Request("",array('method'=>HTTP_REQUEST_METHOD_POST));

its’all about HTTP_Request() constructor that needs the $params array explicitly.
So I hope that this little patch will be committed to the source of Slickr Plugin, so that all user can deploy the plugin easier.
Check davidaola’s photos with patch applied and davethewave’s photos without patch (no need because of different pear library).
hope this help you, bye DaVeTheWaVe